Treatments for Acute and Chronic Pain

At Nuvo Spine, we provide innovative, comprehensive care to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. We use the most advanced, cutting-edge pain treatments to deliver successful results safely and with lower risks than those associated with invasive surgery.

Our award-winning Los Angeles back pain relief doctor, Payam Vahedifar, M.D., is a board-certified specialist in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine, and delivers our patients the highest quality care and service possible. If you or your loved one has been suffering from neck, back pain, and / or orthopedic joint-related pain, there is no better time than the present to reclaim your life with the help of Nuvo Spine.

Types of Treatment Offered at Nuvo Spine

Our team specializes in providing the following pain treatments:

Advanced Neurostimulation

Neurostimulation involves the transmitting of electrical impulses that intercept pain signals before they reach the brain. This interventional spine procedure uses the most advanced technology to provide back pain sufferers with considerable pain relief and increased physical mobility. We are also involved in new cutting-edge research on peripheral nerve stimulation of mononeuropathies such as carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome.

Biological Therapy

Biological therapy harnesses the regenerative and healing powers of the body to naturally fight disease and improve function. As a form of pain management, biological therapy can provide patients with results without the risks and side effects associated with certain medications and invasive surgical procedures.


Epidural steroid injections combine steroid medications with anesthetic to provide patients with immediate pain relief. In addition to providing rapid pain relief, epidurals are considered safe and effective alternatives to more-invasive procedures.

Facet Block Injection

Facet block injections are administered to the facet joints, stabilizing joints on the vertebrae, to reduce inflammation and irritation and reduce pain. They are also used as a diagnostic tool to localize pain and pain conditions, thereby allowing our team to pursue other effective pain treatments.

HydroDisectomy – SpineJet™

SpineJet™ is an advanced, minimally invasive pain treatment for herniated discs and disc-related conditions. As a safe and highly effective alternative to invasive discectomy surgery, it works by removing herniated disc tissue with a stream of water that “washes away back pain.”

Intradiscal Therapy

Intradiscal electrothermal therapy is a revolutionary, minimally invasive pain treatment that works by applying safe levels of heat to damaged or herniated discs. The heat alters collagen fibers in the disc and destroys pain receptors, providing patients with relief from lower back pain.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

PRP injections are a revolutionary pain treatment method. A portion of a patient’s blood is removed and then returned as concentrated blood platelets. PRP injections promote the natural healing of damaged joints, soft tissues, and the spine.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation involves the implanting of a small device during a minimally invasive procedure. The device can be controlled to emit safe levels of electrical impulses that intervene with pain signals before they reach the brain.

Stem Cell Therapy

Adult stem cell therapy is a cutting-edge, safe procedure that harvests the healing and regenerative powers of a patient’s stem cells. It works by repairing and replacing damaged tissue caused by injuries or spinal conditions and has proven to be an effective alternative to surgery.

Los Angeles Back Pain Relief Doctor Uses Cutting-Edge Methods

At the Nuvo Spine clinics, we strive to provide each patient with customized treatment and innovative care plans suited specifically to their condition, situation, and lifestyle. By allowing our award-winning Los Angeles back, joint, and pain relief specialist, Dr. Payam Vahedifar, to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation, you can learn more about the condition causing your pain and the available treatment options we can use to provide you with much-needed pain relief, improved physical mobility, and an increased quality of life.

Attentive, caring, and compassionate, Dr. Vahedifar has been widely recognized for both his use of innovative, minimally invasive pain treatments and his focus on providing patients with the highest quality care and support. As he is a recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award from 2008 – 2012 and Compassionate Doctor Recognition, as well as a nominee for Top Doctors L.A. by U.S. News & World Report, you can be confident that our team can help you find pain relief.

At Nuvo Spine, you will always be treated by caring and highly capable hands. If you would like to learn more about your available treatment options, or if you wish to schedule a comprehensive evaluation, please contact Nuvo Spine today.

Dr. Vahedifar is consistently voted a leading physician by his peers:

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