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Payam Vahedifar, MD

Board Certified in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Pain Medicine located in Encino, CA & Beverly Hills, CA

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is truly an innovation in the world of pain management and regenerative medicine. For compassionate physician Payam Vahedifar, MD, the goal is to provide the best therapies to enhance natural healing and reduce pain. Payam Vahedifar, M.D. Nuvo Spine and Sports Institute & Ortho Regenerative Center in Beverly Hills and Encino, California, offers PRP as a nonsurgical and nonpharmaceutical alternative to help you feel better and relieve your joint pain using the power of your own growth factors and platelets. Learn more by calling your nearest office or booking an appointment online today.


What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a treatment designed to boost your body’s natural healing process.

Your blood is mainly made up of a liquid called plasma and small solid cells: white and red blood cells and platelets. Platelets play a part in blood clotting and they also contain beneficial growth factors that can enhance your recovery, heal your injuries, and relieve your pain.

Platelet-rich plasma is plasma that contains more platelets than usual. The centrifugation process effectively concentrates the growth factors until they’re 5-10 times richer than they typically are in your blood. This is how the powerful PRP is obtained.

What does PRP treat?

Your physician might provide PRP to treat: 

  • Swollen or sprained joints
  • Injuries — from sports, work, automobile accidents, or other causes
  • Arthritis

PRP is even used during surgery to help with tissue healing. PRP is a complement to several treatment methods and makes a popular, safe, and efficient alternative to surgery for decreasing joint pain.

How does PRP work?

The PRP process might vary slightly depending on what’s being treated. Your physician might use a mild anesthetic to numb your skin before drawing your blood from a vein in your arm. 

Your physician separates and concentrates your platelets with centrifugal force in a special machine right there in the office. 

After the centrifugation process, your physician mixes the concentrated platelets with the remaining blood and injects these concentrated platelets back into the target area.

There’s no downtime after your treatment, and you can resume with your day as usual.

What are the advantages of PRP?

PRP offers many benefits. PRP is successfully used to treat both chronic and acute injuries and a wide spectrum of medical conditions and functional concerns. PRP doesn’t involve invasive surgery or medications that often come along with unwanted side effects.

PRP is usually more affordable than many other pain-relieving treatments. PRP is a convenient and quick in-office, lunchtime procedure that’s typically completed in about 30 minutes or less. 

Your body doesn’t reject your own blood, which makes PRP therapy both safe and effective. PRP also can deliver long-lasting results. You might need multiple treatments to get the best results. 

For numerous famous athletes and celebrities, PRP is a popular go-to treatment to get them back on the playing field or in front of the camera.

PRP is a great choice to relieve pain from various conditions and causes. If you’re interested in learning more about this exceptional regenerative medicine treatment, call or click today.