Advanced Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

What are alternatives to steroids and surgery?

Damaged or degenerated tissues have a limited blood supply and poor healing properties which can be treated using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. In many cases, PRP has helped patients suffering from chronic and debilitating pain improve their mobility and quality of life. As medical technology and research has expanded our understanding of the body’s ability to heal, harnessing the regenerative healing powers of platelet-rich plasma has proven to be an effective and safe pain treatment for a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries.

Why choose our PRP system?

Why all PRP Systems are not the same and why we believe our system is the best in treating injury. Research has shown that some PRP processing systems produce Platelet Rich Plasma that is also rich in white blood cells. Although systems with high white blood cells may be appropriate for treatment of tendons, for joint injections they may cause damage to the synovial cells (the lining of the joint). Our trademark Advanced Plasma Protein system specifically uses the most advanced technique to lower the hazardous proteins and cells, and increase the biological proteins proven to inhibit joint and cartilage destruction. Used in combination with our proprietary blend of natural products that enhance the bodys production of natural anti-inflammatories, our Advanced Plasma Protein system assures the most potent concentration of biological proteins to help in healing and recovery. Only our system in blue has the benefits of low WBC (white blood cells), High platelets and increased “good” bio proteins and low “bad” bio proteins. Most systems either have high white blood cells and high platelets or moderate to low WBC and low platelets. The chart is descriptive in nature and comparison is made with general PRP systems and not any specific system.


This non-surgical therapy is an injection of a concentrated mixture of the patient’s own blood. PRP injections have been shown to relieve acute and chronic pain and accelerate healing of injured tissues and joints.

Disclaimer: The video is for demonstration and explanation purposes only. The PRP system used may vary from what is shown on the video.

PRP Injection Procedure

RP treatment consists of a non-surgical procedure in which a patient receives an injection of their own concentrated blood platelets in order to promote the natural healing of damaged joints and tissues of the spine. Platelet-rich plasma can be obtained and prepared using one of two U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) methods that involve the collection of whole blood and the separation of platelet-rich plasma from platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells. Although the proteins that comprise platelet-rich plasma cumulatively accelerate healing, there are also certain proteins within the platelet-rich plasma can also be isolated to promote pain reduction and anti-inflammatory effects.

PRP injection treatment takes approximately one hour and patients are able to return home the same day of the procedure. Certain patients may also require several treatments (three to four) to completely heal damaged tissues and obtain optimum results.

How PRP Treatment Works

Platelet-rich plasma is administered as an injection during a non-surgical procedure. The injection is administered in and around the targeted area and damaged tissues. PRP releases growth factors that promote the body’s natural immune response to mobilize stem cells to the injured tissues. These cells remove damaged cells, prepare tissue for healing, and subsequently multiply, repair, and rebuild damaged tissue. Results include accelerated healing, reduction in pain, and increased strength and mobility.

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