Treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain

While intradiscal therapy does pose certain risks, they pale in comparison to the more severe risks associated with invasive surgical procedures. Additionally, research regarding the safety and efficacy are ongoing, but there have been several studies in which patients have reported an increase in physical function and decreased levels of pain. Should you choose to work with our compassionate team and award-winning specialist, Dr. Payam Vahedifar, you can be confident that all of your questions and concerns will be promptly addressed and that all available treatment options will be thoroughly explained. Allow Nuvo Spine to help you reclaim your quality of life.


This diagnostic procedure, also called discogram, is used to determine whether back pain is caused by one or more spinal discs. The procedure involves pressurizing suspect discs with an injection of sterile liquid to induce pain. Discography helps the specialist plan a course of treatment. In addition, saline and local anesthetic injection into the disc can be used as a therapeutic treatment during discography to help with discogenic pain and to confirm diagnosis.


This non-surgical procedure relieves chronic back pain with an injection of the patient’s own blood platelets. The concentrated platelets promote the natural healing of damaged joints, discs and soft tissues of the spine.


This minimally-invasive procedure uses a small needle and advanced radiofrequency technology to reduce a herniated disc, quickly relieving pain in most patients. The procedure may be performed on an outpatient basis using a gentle, relaxing medicine and local anesthetic.

Are you a candidate for Intradiscal treatment?

As disc-related lower back pain can be successfully treated using non-invasive methods, intradsical therapy may become an option for patients who have not been able to treat their pain or condition with methods such as physical therapy, medication, localized epidurals, and other conservative pain management approaches.

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