Neurostimulation of the spinal cord is a widely accepted, safe, and effective pain management treatment that has been shown to manage chronic pain and improve quality of life. It involves the application of targeted electrical stimulation to nerves that cause pain through an electrical stimulator. Neurostimulation systems have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pain management in the back, neck, arms and legs, and are covered by most major health insurance plans, workers’ compensation, and Medicare.


How Neurostimulation Works
A neurostimulator is a small device roughly the size of a stopwatch. After surgical placement during an outpatient procedure, patients can use a handheld device to modify levels of electrical impulses. The impulses work by intercepting pain signals before they reach the brain. Neurostimulation is used to mask pain rather than to treat specific diseases or the actual cause of pain, which makes it a popular and effective treatment option for various pain conditions for which there is limited pathophysiologic understanding, including complex regional pain syndrome. The way in which a neurostimulation system works can be outlined as follows:

  • Pain signals travel from the spinal cord to the brain
  • Electrical impulses are delivered to the epidural space near the spine through special medical wires known as leads
  • The electrical impulses block pain signals prior to reaching the brain
  • Feelings of pain may be replaced with gentle, pleasant sensations (massaging) or may be replaced simply with the absence of pain

Managing Pain with Neurostimulation
Neurostimulation has been shown to be highly effective in the management of chronic pain. It is also safe and can be easily removed should curative or alternative therapy become available. The systems do not damage neural pathways and are especially useful for helping pain patients resume normal daily tasks and physical activity. Many prominent celebrities have also opted for neurostimulation as a way to treat intractable spine and lower back pain. Comedian Jerry Lewis has been known to attribute his improved quality of life to neurostimulation and has played a significant role in helping other pain sufferers understand that they do not have to live with pain.

Is neurostimulation right for you?
While the efficacy, safety, and benefits of neurostimulation have made it a viable pain management treatment for numerous patients, it may not always be right for everyone. Generally, candidates for neurostimulation are those who suffer from chronic pain, radiating and numbing pain, and who have found little relief from other treatment options. Patients must not have any implanted defibrillator or pacemaker device and should be capable of operating the handheld system. As only a certified specialist is qualified to help you determine if neurostimulation is right for you, we encourage you to meet with a Los Angeles back pain relief doctor to discuss your needs and available treatment options.

Learn More About the Benefits of Neurostimulation

Our ultimate goal at the Nuvo Spine clinics is to help our patients in Los Angeles and Southern California find relief from pain and the opportunity to reclaim their lives. As we provide innovative services that utilize the most cutting-edge pain management techniques, we are highly qualified to help interested pain sufferers learn more about the benefits of advanced neurostimulation and how it can be used to treat your symptoms. Contact Nuvo Spine today.

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