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The spine is composed of a complex system of joints, muscles, and bone that allow for movement. Facet joints are the small stabilizing joints located between and behind vertebrae at each level of the spine. They provide stability that allows for flexibility and twisting movements in the neck and lower back. Intervertebral discs also act as a type of joint in the spine that bend and rotate as the body moves. When these joints are damaged by injury or disease, you can experience significant back pain.

As facet joints are in nearly constant motion, they are prone to wear and tear and commonly degenerate with time and aging. Wearing of the facet joints can produce bone spurs and enlargements of the joints, which is commonly referred to osteoarthritis. Patients suffering from this joint inflammation / degeneration, also known as facet joint disease, experience pain when moving, walking, and standing.

Treating Joint-Related Back Pain

Facet joint disorders are a common cause of chronic back and neck pain and can result in severe physical limitations that negatively impact a person’s quality of life. Patients frequently suffer painful episodes that are often unpredictable. Using comprehensive evaluations that include in-depth pain profiles, physical assessments, and diagnostic testing, our team can obtain information about the facet joints and other structures of the spine to make an accurate diagnosis. Facet block injections can also be used to when diagnosing the condition.

When treating patients with facet joint pain, we tailor our approach based on the severity and nature of the condition and pain. Conservative treatments, including physical therapy and medications, can be used to effectively reduce pain for those who demonstrate acute pain symptoms. Other minimally invasive and interventional procedures such as injections can also help alleviate pain and increase mobility in patients.

Ligament, Tendon, and Joint Pain

Until recently, ligament, tendon, and joint pain were treated primarily with anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, and occasionally surgery. While these treatment options help to alleviate pain, they often do not address or resolve the underlying cause. With the advent of platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections and other advanced treatment approaches, however, we found that tendon pain, joint pain, and ligament pain can be corrected by directly treating the affected area and harnessing the body’s natural ability to correct injury and heal.

PRP injections can be performed using ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance for precise targeting of pain and the affected area. Studies have shown that PRP injections are effective in treating ligament, tendon, and join pain in the shoulder, hip, and elbows. Other injectables, including an anti-inflammatory medication known as Traumeel®, may also be used in combination with PRP injections.

FAST™ Technique

New techniques and tendon treatments have also been developed to debride or correct tendon abnormalities in many areas of the body, including the foot, ankle, knee, elbow, and shoulder. A minimally invasive procedure known as the FAST technique allows specialists to identify and remove pain-generating tissue in tendons in order to improve function and decrease pain. The FAST technique can be performed using small needles during a minimally invasive procedure that takes roughly 15 minutes or less. Patients only require local anesthesia and typically experience a quick recovery process. At Nuvo Spine, we are excited about the new technologies that we are able to offer our patients and ensure that the best and most appropriate approach is taken.

Sacral & Buttock Pain

Sacral and buttock pain – sometimes referred to as sacroiliac joint dysfunction – is commonly under-diagnosed in many pain and spine clinics. In many cases, back pain does not specifically arise from conditions affecting the back. Instead, pain may originate from the hip or the sacroiliac joints (SI joints) – the joints in the pelvis that support the spine. As in any case of a pain condition, proper diagnosis and a specialist’s experience in treating these pain conditions makes a large difference in ensuring that patients receive the proper treatment they need to improve mobility and function and decrease pain.

Sacral pain or sacroiliac pain – sacralgia or sacroiliitis – are different types of syndromes that affect the hip in the buttock area. SI joint pain can be temporarily treated and diagnosed with corticosteroid injections. Treatment options may vary from patient to patient, but can include rhizotomy procedures that apply heat to nerves in the joint as a way to prevent the transmission of pain signals to the brain and platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injections, among others.

While hip pain may have some overlap with back pain conditions (impingement of the L3 Nerve root), it typically results in pain in the groin that radiates down into the front of the legs and knees. Pain may also worsen with crossing of the legs, getting in and out of a car, and going up or down stairs. In some cases, hip pain is associated with a small tendon tear within the hip, which can be treated with PRP injections or with minimally invasive procedures performed by a specialist trained in arthroscopy of the hip. At Nuvo Spine, our goal is to ensure that patients receive proper and accurate diagnoses so that the best and most efficient hip or buttock pain treatment plan can be created.

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There is no better time than the present to find the pain treatment and relief you need. As our Los Angeles back pain management specialist, Dr. Payam Vahedifar, is board certified in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine, we are prepared to treat patients suffering from joint-related pain with the most advanced and minimally invasive procedures available. He also specializes in platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections for shoulders, knees, and hips, and specialized injections for the sacral iliac joint and the hip joint.

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