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At Nuvo Spine, our award-winning Los Angeles doctor is proud to help patients find relief for their osteoarthritis. We know how painful it can be to experience such wear-and-tear near the hip joints, which is why we strive to provide unique, non-surgical orthopedic treatment options. When you come to us, we can work with you to provide the comprehensive care you need to address your acute or chronic pain.

Though hip osteoarthritis may seem like an age-old medical issue, we pursue modern and effective treatment options that will help you enjoy mobility again. When you come to our center, you will experience nothing less than the most advanced, cutting-edge techniques and technology around.

Common Symptoms Caused by Hip Osteoarthritis

Many factors can lead to osteoarthritis in the hip, such as age, natural wear-and-tear of the joints and cartilage, injury, and even being overweight. Other cause include hip joints that did not form correctly, extra stress put on the hip joints, and genetic defects in the cartilage. You may wonder how you can tell if you have osteoarthritis or another medical issue.

If you experience the following, you should get check out for hip osteoarthritis:

  • Joint stiffness after sleeping or sitting for extended time
  • Pain and tenderness at the hip joint
  • Swelling near the joints
  • Sound or feeling of your hip bones rubbing against each other
  • Inability to move the hip to perform basic tasks

You may have trouble walking, feel sharp, stabbing pain, or even just stiff hip joints. Even a small sign should prompt you to go talk to an expert about your hip pain. At our ortho regenerative center, we can carefully examine your symptoms and help you craft an innovative and effective treatment plan.

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